Capital First Investors Group is a business development and consulting firm focusing on servicing
the capital needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new venture.   

Over the last 20 years, we have established very valuable relationships with top professionals
within the investment and financial community.

We make those relationships available to our clients and assist them in presenting their model in
the best possible way.  More recently, Capital First has  invited some of those core financial
professionals to become  direct affiliate partners which has allowed  more  specific expertise in
private equity/debt, capital formation, securities compliance and securities law.    

Today, CFIG offers a system that identifies and then properly matches the client’s needs with
these experienced professionals who can make an investment in the client or the project.  

When a small business or start up business needs the road map for successful growth, we
believe we can put the team together as we have a passion for the entrepreneur and believe they
are the backbone of our country. Our corporate alliance partners share that  passion for our
clients and are diligent in the pursuit of aligning interests to establish foundational growth and
expansion capital.             
Capital First Investors Group
Capital Partners Consulting